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Silly dilly, roly poly, 3 1/2" fun wheels of safe and solid plastic construction.  All parts carefully rounded, non-toxic and made to last.  HUBBLES feature tough free-wheel assembly, moving parts, and provide enchanting hours of play.  Blister pack assortment.  Also available, 6-DZ Counter Display assortment and Floor Display of 8-DZ assortment.

#2963-4    4-DZ, Asst., Blister Pack, 4-lbs
#2563-8    8-DZ, Asst., Floor Display, Blister Pack, 12-lbs
#2563-6    6-DZ, Asst., Bulk Pack, 3-Counter Displays, 6-lbs

Toys featured on this page:

  • Cuddly Copter
  • Frantic Forklift
  • Bippy Bi-Plane
  • Bugeyed Butterfly
  • Dippy Dumptruck
  • Lumpy Loader

Kritter Kroozers
Friction Powered
Just the right type of pet for countless hours of safe fun.  No feeding required - these pets thrive on friction!  Built into each 4 1/2" high-impact styrene KRITTER is a set of friction powered wheels.  Fast-moving fun!  Individually packaged in polybag with header card.

#2939-4    4-DZ, Asst., Polybag Pack, 7-lbs

Toys featured on this page:
  • Freddie the Frog
  • Elsie the Elephant
  • Digby the Dog
  • Robbie the Rabbit

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