1979 Zee Toys Catalog Page 34

Bop Bags
New Character

Bopping bags!  Sand weighted bottom keeps bag bobbing each time you bop it.  Construction of sturdy 8-ga. vinyl.  Each bop bag packed in color printed box.

© Hanna-Barbera Productions, Inc. 1979
#4460-1    Yogi Bear Bop Bag
#4461-1    Captain Caveman Bop Bag
#4462-1    Scooby Doo Bop Bag
#4463-1    Fred Flinstone Bop Bag
#4464-1    Hanna-Barbera Bop Bags Assortment
Size: 36" Deflated Pack: 12 Ea., Asst., 29-7 lbs

© King Features Syndicate, Inc. 1979
#5567-1    Popeye Bop Bag, Bluto Bop Bag
Size: 36" Deflated Pack: 12 Ea., Asst., 29-7 lbs

#5968-0    The Boxer Bop Bag
Size: 48" Deflated Pack: 6 Ea., Asst., 55 lbs

Toys featured on this page:

  • Fred Flinstone
  • Cap. Caveman
  • Yogi Bear
  • Popeye
  • Scooby Doo (spelled in catalog as Skooby Doo)
  • The Boxer
  • Bluto

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