1980 Zee Toys Catalog Page 28

The World of Metal-Man*
*Metal-Man is a registered trademark of DC Comics Inc.

Metal-Man Action Playsets - Maneuver with METAL-MAN Action Playsets!  Defender, globe-trotter and out-of-space explorer, METAL-MAN and his deluxe, customized HI IMPACT polystyrene vehicle is at your command!  Each vehicle of rugged and durable design.  Vehicle and figure securely set into an open-face box with header for shelf or rack merchandising.

#29823 Metal-Man Soldier / Jeep & Trailer Set.  12 Sets; 10-LBS
#29824 Metal-Man Spaceman / Space Ship Set.  12 Sets; 12-LBS
#29825 Metal-Man Policeman / Helicopter Set.  12 Sets; 11-LBS

#29826 Metal-Man Robot / Space Saucer Set.  12 Sets; 14-LBS
#29820 Metal-Man Action Sets.  12 Sets Asst., 14-LBS

Featured on this page:

  • Metal-Man Robot / Space Saucer Set.
  • Metal-Man Policeman / Helicopter Set.
  • Metal-Man Spaceman / Space Ship Set.
  • Metal-Man Soldier / Jeep & Trailer Set.

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