1979 Zee Toys Catalog Page 25

Featuring Dynamights
Die-Cast Metal 1/87 Scale Models

Solid die-cast metal tanks form an intriguing international lineup of military hardware.  Authentic, scaled-to-accuracy detailing.  3 1/2" - 4 1/2" in size and featuring full-track action with moveable treads, revolving turrets and elevating cannons.  Distinctive full color blister card packaging.  Also, open-face box packaging of bold, original design.

#2904-4    4-DZ, Asst., Box Pack, 14-lbs
#2905-4    4-DZ, Asst., Blister Pack, 14-lbs

Toys featured on this page:

  • Russian SU100
  • French AMX Napoleon
  • USA M551 Sheridan
  • USA Patton
  • German King Tiger
  • Russian T10 JS 111
  • Japanese Type 61
  • USA M60A1
  • British Centurion MK III
  • British Chieftain
  • German Tiger I
  • German Leopard
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