1979 Zee Toys Catalog Page 26

Featuring Firebirds
New Assortment!
Die-Cast Metal with Plastic Parts

Combined fleet of sleek space ships and space missiles designed for unforgettable adventure!  Space missions made possible with special Space Launcher, constructed of sturdy high-impact styrene.  3" space crafts of tough die-cast metal, featuring moving, and moveable parts.  Distinctive decal designs and paint jobs.  Individually packaged in dramatic blister card.  Also available, impressive, attention-getting floor merchandiser, with assortment of 8-DZ FIREBIRDS.

#2973-4    4-DZ, Asst., Blister Pack, 7-lbs
#2573-8    8-DZ, Asst., Floor Display, 17-lbs

Toys featured on this page:

  • Space Launcher
  • Firebird-4
  • Firebird-5
  • Firebird-1 (USA and Flag stickers)
  • Firebird-3 (red and yellow)
  • Firebird-3 (white and black)
  • Firebird-1 (USAF Stickers)
  • Space Missile (blue)
  • Space Missile (red)
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