1979 Zee Toys Catalog Page 6

Puff 'n Play Dollhouse

Three Custom built homes designed for Barbie* or any 9-12" fashion doll.  Imagine the fun of instantly setting up three delightful rooms and furnishing with ZEE's popular furniture (sold separately).  Doll house construction of vinyl covered heavy gaugeboard.  Walls connect by "Place 'n Lock" fasteners.
*Proprietary product of Mattel.

Puff 'n Play Pleasure Cruiser "Angelina"

Select your crew for an around the world journey in new Puff 'n Play Inflatable Boat christened "Angelina".  Crew members can rely on accurate steering panel, sturdy ladder, and buoy with anchor.  Boat also equipped with deck lounge mat, deck chair (inflatable vinyl mat with molded plastic parts), a scuba set that includes tank, diving mask, fins, and 2 flags with poles.  Puff 'n Play Boat Set designed for 9-12" fashion dolls** individually packaged in box graphically illustrated for easy boat assembly.
**Dolls pictured are not included.

#2966-1    1-DZ, Asst., 64-lbs    Assembled room with roof measures 17"x20 1/2"x16 1/2".  Individually box packaged; box size: 17 1/4"x 20 3/4" x 1 1/4"
#2965-1    1-DZ Sets; 47-lbs    Inflated boat size: 15x11x12 1/2    Box size: 18 1/2x13x1 1/2

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