1979 Zee Toys Catalog Page 7

Puff 'n Play Casual Furniture for Juniors
Exclusively Ours!

This creative collection of junior inflatable furniture is designed for today's lifestyle.  Unique and bold designs to create very personal environments indoors or outdoors.  It's the spirit of today... totally individual fo the comfort and enjoyment of the younger set.  Each piece of furniture of weightless and durable vinyl.  Easily inflated for immediate use.  No need for hours of assembling.  A cinch to keep clean, too!  Deflate and pack for weekend trips or long vacations.  Takes up no room and almost weightless.  Each furniture set packaged in its own vinyl carrying bag with detailed full color insert.

#2961-0    6-Pcs., 35-lbs (1-Pc Junior Bed, 60"x 30")
#2962-0    6-sets, 21-lbs
#2974-2    2-DZ, 15 lbs (Junior Chair Only)
#2975-1    1-DZ, 13 lbs (Junior Couch Only)

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